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Speaker: Marc van Iersel, Vincent J. Dooley Professor of Horticulture at University of Georgia

Session Title:  New Lighting Strategies for Greenhouse and Indoor Crop Production

 Sunday, July 11  9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Description: Technological advances with LEDs, sensors, and imaging systems are poised to radically change how we deliver light to plants. Team members from the USDA-funded project LAMP (Lighting Approaches to Maximize Profits) will present an update on their work. This session will cover production of young plants at high density, using far-red light to effectively enhance leaf expansion and light interception of young plants, and using low-cost sensors and dimmable LEDs to deliver the same daily light integral over a longer photoperiod. Simple controllers to assure that greenhouse crops receive the same amount of light each day will also be discussed.  

Level: Progressive      Type: Research

Session Speakers:

Bruce Bugbee, Professor at Utah State University
Marc van Iersel, Vincent J. Dooley Professor of Horticulture at University of Georgia

Marc van Iersel

Vincent J. Dooley Professor of Horticulture at University of Georgia 

Marc van Iersel, Ph.D., Vincent J. Dooley Professorship, Department of Horticulture, College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, University of Georgia. Dr. Marc van Iersel oversees the UGA Horticulture Physiology Laboratory focused on photosynthesis and light use efficiency research. He also works on applied research in controlled agriculture environments. He is the recipient of numerous awards and accolades, including 2019 UGA Entrenpreneur of the Year and fellow of the American Society of Horticulture Science. He cofounded Candidus, Inc. with Erico Mattos where they transition greenhouse lighting technologies to products. For Project LAMP, van Iersel's research focuses on identifying the optimal light intensity and spectrum for the profitable production of crops in greenhouses and plant factories. Much of his work is based on developing a good understanding of plant physiological responses to light and to use that knowledge to develop optimized lighting strategies. Dr. van Iersel is the director of Project LAMP. 

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