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Featured Products / Catalogs -- Garden Tools; Mowers & Power Equipment

A.M. Leonard:  Stirrup Hoes

AM Leonard
Perfect for growers, gardeners, and landscapers
Slices through all types of soil and weeds! Leonard Stirrup Hoes feature a thin, machine-sharpened spring steel blade. A steel oscillating blade fixture allows it to cut on both the push and pull motion. We finish off each tool with a 60-inch long,...
Birchmeier -- Back Pack Sprayers

The Best Backpack. Period.
The Best Backpack. Period. "All my pest & weed control techs use Birchmeier Backpacks. The oldest is more than 10 years old. It is used every day & still going strong! We tried cheaper backpacks, but after breakdowns & repairs, they...
Gemplers -- Professional-grade tools

Wide selection of professional-grade tools, equipment, products and supplies
Making Hard Work Easy .... Landscape Tools & Supplies    Since 1939, folks who work outdoors have been gearing up with Gempler’s. Having reliable commercial landscape equipment is a key component to giving lawns and landscapes a neat,...
*Profile: GrowTech -- ARS Pruning Tools

GrowTech (ARS)
Sharper, Lighter, Stronger Horticultural tools
ARS Pruning Tools Best Blades in the Business! Professional ARS and GT brand pruning and horticultural tools are ergonomically designed to be lightweight and super sharp with amazing long lasting sharpness. Perfectly balanced for all day use, these...
Jacto -- Commercial Sprayers

Jacto Inc.
Backpack sprayers
Jacto’s Family of Companies.   Our umbrella is wide, with the Jacto group covering numerous industries and markets from agricultural sprayers (both tractor-powered and self-propelled) as well as backpack sprayers to precision plastic molding...
Zenport Industries -- Tools & Supplies

Zenport Industries
Horticulture tools & supplies for lawn, garden, landscape
Horticulture Tools & Supplies.   Zenport Industries is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and marketing of professional and consumer specialty horticulture tools and supplies for the lawn and garden, landscape, irrigation and agriculture...

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