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Illumitex: LED Grow Lights (Power Harvest W Series)

PowerHarvest W.  
Designed and tested specifically for indoor grow operations, including greenhouses. It’s equally suited for small-scale indoor grows as well as commercial applications. Scientifically developed and patented horticultural growth spectra and high power LEDs combined with wide distribution optics ensure optimum plant growth and the highest yields. Wireless controls option equips growers with the ability to easily control one fixture or thousands of fixtures from a laptop computer, tablet or smart phone. The PowerHarvest W is available in the 5 Series, which emits 500 PPF using 285 watts, and the 10 series, which emits 1000 PPF using 560 watts.

LED Grow Lights for Greenhouses.  
When every cent counts, Illumitex technology offers a solution that maximizes ROI with the highest biomass per watt. Illumitex greenhouse LED lights offer superior supplemental lighting for ornamentals, food production and crop research. Illumitex greenhouse technology also delivers the specific qualitative responses that are critical to the success of greenhouse growers.

Focused Lighting Solutions.  
Illumitex is world's leading maker of cutting-edge LED lights, supplying horticultural, industrial & architectural industries with precision LED lighting.

Illumitex’s industry-shifting achievements began with a fresh approach to LED design. By refusing to settle for the losses associated with secondary optics, our breakthrough LED technology incorporates fundamental physics principles to maximize LED light extraction at the source.

Address:   6301 E. Stassney Lane Bldg 6, Ste 400 Austin, TX 78744
Email:    tboyd@illumitex.com     Contact:   Toby Boyd
Phone:    512-279-5036   FAX:  512-279-5030


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