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Speaker: Dan Johnston, President/Owner at Tri-State Foliage

Session Title:  Where is the Tropical Industry Headed?

Sunday, July 11  9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Description: We have all experienced the excitement from our customers and have struggled for the past few years in sourcing tropical grown plants. Join fellow foliage enthusiasts as we take you through our journey of 50 years of sourcing tropicals. You will walk away with a better understanding of where the industry has been and where it is going as we discusses the different aspects of this changing industry. 

Level: Intermediate       Type: Trends

Session Title:  Tropical Plant Trends & Availability Q&A

Sunday, July 11  1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Description: Interact with a panel of growers and suppliers of tropical and foliage plants as they discuss trends, new plants, sourcing, and much more. Come prepared with your toughest questions and get help with understanding where the market is going and how to prepare for the future. 

Level: Intermediate         Type: Trends

Session Speakers for Tropical Plant Trends & Availability Q&A

Dan Johnston, President/Owner at Tri State Foliage, Inc.
Andrew Britten, Production Coordination Manager at ForemostCo
Allison Zeeb, Potted Plants and Cut Flowers Supply Manager at Ball Seed Company

Daniel Johnston, is the President/Owner, of Tri State Foliage, Inc. in Cincinnati, Ohio. Tri State Foliage, Inc. was started in 1985. My goal was to supply quality tropical blooming and foliage plant material for the interiorscape market. Prior to starting Tri State Foliage, I had worked for Delhi Flower & Garden Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, for 18 years, and learned much about tropical foliage in my years at Delhi. I started traveling to Florida to visit nurseries in 1968. Today, I travel to Florida to visit and hand tag plant material every other month (pre-covid). My philosophy is that going to the nursery on a frequent basis enables us to consistently choose the best plants.

Tri State Foliage, Inc. -- Large Product Selection.  
Tri-State Foliage, Inc. was founded in 1985 with the goal of supplying the highest quality tropical foliage and blooming material to the interiorscape industry year-round, not seasonally as has been done previously by other wholesale companies. The greenhouses were built with several different shading zones and state-of-the-art climate controls with an underground heating system to supply a perfect growing and holding environment. Tri State Foliage has one of the largest inventories of tropical plants in the Midwest. In addition to tropical foliage from Florida and California we also stock a wide variety of Hawaiian grown tropicals. During the spring season we expand our product line to include outdoor tropical blooming material for retail garden centers.

Address:     10520 Pippin Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45231
Email:    mail@tristatefoliage.com     Contact:   Daniel E. Johnston
Phone:    513.825.1885   FAX:  513.742.0644


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