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Water-soluble fertilizers.  
Rely on Masterblend for the highest quality water-soluble and control-release fertilizers. Our Masterblend and Tyler formulations are respected industry-wide for their purity and superior composition. We offer a wide range of standard formulations as well as specialized custom blending services to provide our industry leading fertilizer and micronutrients in the specific combinations you require.

Masterblend International has been known for decades as a leading manufacturer and supplier of the purest, highest quality water-soluble fertilizers for nursery and greenhouse growers. Tyler Enterprises has proven its strength in turf products, providing fertilizers and seeds for the healthiest, strongest and most beautiful turf for golf courses, athletic fields and public lands. Both companies have a proven commitment to provide the highest quality services and products to their customers. With Masterblend’s purchase of Tyler Enterprises, we are now able to provide a complete line of superior products for the greenhouse, nursery and turf care industry, including: water-soluble, control-release and granular fertilizers, grass seed, micronutrients and chemicals.

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Products for Greenhouse & Nursery Pros

  • Expertly blended water-soluble and control-release fertilizers

  • Blended with the highest technical grade ingredients for the best nutrition

  • 100% Soluble in water with no fall out

  • Control-release fertilizers in a variety of feeding patterns

  • Custom blending solutions for every growing application

  • Standard and custom formulas can be private labeled and packaged

  • Experienced representatives who can develop your plan for success


We Are Masterblend International

We are a single source supplier, Our Masterblend brand supplies the greenhouse and nursery markets while our Tyler brand supports the turf care professional. Masterblend International has increased the size of its warehousing, rail car offloading, and production facilities by nearly 100,000 square feet. Our expanded facilities allow us to produce water-soluble, controlled-release, and granular fertilizer products in an extensive range of formulas, quantities and packaging profiles to meet the needs of our customers. In addition, major investments in our water-soluble fertilizer blending room, equipment, and processes have increased efficiency, purity, and accuracy of the blending process resulting in a purer product with a longer shelf life.


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