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Eason Horticultural Resources -- consultant, broker

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Most complete selection of plants & products for the professional grower.
EHR serves as a consultant and broker to retail garden center growers, wholesale greenhouse growers, nurserymen, and landscapers. We purchase top quality products from our suppliers, arrange for shipping directly to our customers, and invoice them upon receipt. We are a personalized purchasing agent that clearly understands our customers' needs and advises them on purchasing the finest quality product at the best possible price. EHR is a member of OFA - an Association of Floriculture Professionals, the American Nursery and Landscape Association, as well as virtually every major state organization where we do business.

Address:     939 Helen Ruth Dr. Ft. Wright, KY 41017
Email:    tradeshows@ehrnet.com     Contact:  
Phone:    (859) 578-3535   FAX:  (859)578-2266


Hort Couture offers the most sought after new plants and genetics from the world’s best breeders & plants people. The marketing of upscale plant products as "couture" quality identifies with our industry’s leading demographic. Fashion conscious women make up the vast majority of consumers purchasing color for their gardens & containers. Upscale packaging, marketing assistance & gorgeous plants are what make this program so appealing.

EHR is proud to be a partner with Hort Couture and their branded program that is exclusive for Independent Garden Centers.  There are several different ways to get Hort Couture Products into your garden center:

  • Grow your own product for finished sales; 
  • Retail ready products available from the Hort Couture Allied Wholesale Grower Network (including herbs, vegetables & flowering tropicals);  
  • Tres Chic Finished Tropicals Direct from Florida.

  • Culinary Couture Seed Racks - Fashionable packaging for the "Gen-X" consumers.

  • Don't forget the P.O.P. material - a must to bring the entire destination spot together.

    Follow the links on the pictures below for the option that works best for your business.  If your are interested in receiving more information about Hort Couture, please e-mail us @: info@ehrnet.com.

Here is an overview of some of the products that we have to offer. We hope to soon have a more elaborate list of our horticultural products and services. This is by no means a comprehensive list, please call us for any items you don't see below.

Annual Plugs
-512's, 288's, 128's, 55's from the leading plug producers in the U.S.A.
-plugs, bare root, prefinished perennials from over thirty professional growers.
-bare root, potted, packaged - both garden varieties and miniatures.
Nursery Stock
-bare root, liners, finished (containers and B&B), specimen
-liners, prefinished, U.R.C.
-liners, prefinished, U.R.C.
-liners, dormant, prefinished, finished
-U.R.C., R.C., prefinished garden, pot, cut
Herbs (including organic)
-liners, prefinished
Lilies (Easter)
-uncooled or precooled, prefinished
tulips, daffs, hybrid lilies
-annuals, perennials, pot plants, vegetable
-liners and prefinished
Impatiens (New Guinea)
-u.r.c., liners from the leading hybridizers in the world.
Tropical Foliage  
-u.r.c., liners, finished flowering tropicals from Florida and other propagators.
Greenhouse Structures
-quonset, gutter connect, rigid peak, natural ventilation from leading manufacturers both in Canada and the U.S.
Plastic Containers
-Summit Plastic flats, inserts, and perennial pots and trays.
Soiless Mix
-3 cu. ft. bags, Bulk Bags, Custom Blends

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