July 11 - 14, 2020
           Columbus, Ohio USA

                  by Lawn & Garden Marketing Association
Emerald Coast Growers

30-plus acres of field crops for grass divisions.  
January 2019 marks 28 years in operation for Emerald Coast Growers. It’s been quite a journey. From modest beginnings with fewer than 10,000 square feet of greenhouses in 1991, we’ve expanded incrementally, methodically and manageably. By 1994, that number had tripled. By 1996, it had increased tenfold. In our second quarter-century, our growing space is measured in acres and still increasing: we expect to have over half a million square feet of greenhouses, with 30-plus acres of field crops for grass divisions. We’re proud of how the company has thrived, and we’re grateful to our customers who make it possible. It hasn’t always been easy: Mother Nature has handed us some serious setbacks. We took the blows, rebounded and kept growing. But growth for the sake of growth is not a good business model. Good business means making your good business better, not just bigger, at every opportunity. Success is helping your customers succeed. We’ve spent the last quarter century looking for ways to improve our products and practices. We intend to keep doing so for the next quarter century—with you, and for you. Thank you for joining us on our journey.

Address:     PO Box 10886 Pensacola, FL 32524
Email:    sales@ecgrowers.com     Contact:   Paul Babikow
Phone:    850-944-0808   FAX:  866-822-5478


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