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Speaker: Luke Hettinger, Chief Operating and Accounting Officer at másLabor

Session Title:  Policy and Labor: Impact on Landscape Operations

Sunday, July 11  2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Description: Need help untangling policy and some real-world clarity on H2B? In this session, experts will cover the latest happenings in on the policy environment impacting landscape operations. Updates and a deep dive on best practices regarding H2B labor will also be shared. 

Level: Progressive         Type: Business Operations

Session Speakers:

Luke Hettinger, Chief Operating Officer at másLabor
Lynn Jacquez, Counsel at JPH Law
Shawn Packer, Principal at JPH Law

The H2 Labor Specialists
The H2 Obstacle Course: Where the Finish Line Affects Your Bottom Line
You and your management team need top performance at every position, including tough seasonal jobs. Get in the race for optimum business results with the H2 programs - H-2A for agriculture and H-2B for all other industries. Capable, reliable, legal labor up to 10 months a year, year after year. Make MAS your H2 service provider, and let the best in the business guide you and your team to a definitive win.

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