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Speaker: Jessie Laux, Michael Creath of Planthropy

Session Title: Moss Wall Workshop

 Saturday, July 10  1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Description:  With the steady increase in consumer interest and desire to reconnect with nature it is no wonder why the moss wall would be the number one go-to when designing space. With its ease of care and installation, down to the versatility in design, there is no easier way to accomplish the feeling of nature in our environment.

Join us for a hands-on workshop that will take you on the journey of the moss wall creation. A team of innovative experts and design rock stars will dive into every element from the concept, proposal, and completion stages of delivering that biophilic connection that your customers love. You will leave with the confidence and guidance for incorporating the moss wall into your business plan as well as creating your very own piece to take with you.

Already a moss extraordinaire? This hands-on workshop will open your creative pathways while designing your own work of moss art in a peer creation format. You will be able to tap into your peers for design inspiration, tips, and much more. 

Seats are limited. Separate registration required. The Moss Wall Workshop can be added on to your registration when you sign up for Cultivate'21. If you have already registered for Cultivate'21, you can add on the Moss Wall Workshop by calling Maritz at (219) 354-6440. 

Level: All Audiences         Type: Trends

Session Speakers:

Michael Creath, Planthropy
Jessie Laux, Planthropy
Nicolas Rousseau, President at ByNature

Michael Creath and Jessie Laux


Meet Jessie and Michael, the “plant people” behind Planthropy. We are true lovers of nature, the outdoors, exploring and bringing green to spaces. Nature is our medium, we design and create with not only living plants, but also a variety of preserved plants, moss, and other earthy elements. Our pieces are all custom made and thoughtfully crafted. 

Plants aren’t just “our job” it’s our way of life. We truly live, eat, and breathe plants. Our passion is rooted in our work, communications, conversations and design.

An eye for design.  With Jessie’s background in Graphic Design, Art Management and passion for nature and Michael’s extensive background in landscape design; the perfect recipe for creative interior design blossomed.

Our purpose is to reconnect people with nature by bringing the outdoors in. Through biophilic design our moss walls, living walls and creative interior plantscaping are a great way to bring green to your space. Planthropy was founded on our love for plants, nature, and the belief that plants are a powerful necessity in our everyday lives. We are true believers in biophilic design which reconnects people with nature. Americans spend 86% of time indoors and 4% commuting in our cars which leaves a tiny 10% of our lives left for breathing natural air, absorbing vitamin D and discovering the wonders of nature. Now more than ever, biophilic design is necessary when planning and thinking about the spaces we work and live in. The research available is undeniable and that simply put, plants make people happy.

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