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Speaker: Katilyn Mascatelli, Phipps Conservatory

Session Title: Accelerating the Adoption of Biophilic Design: Results from GPGB’s Survey on Biophilic Design Elements - Indoor Plants

Sunday, July 11  4:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Description:  To understand the barriers that building owners, architects, and designers are experiencing when specifying biophilic design, GPGB collaborated with Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens on a survey designed to identify common barriers these building professionals face when they specify biophilic design. Join Phipps Conservatory’s Ecopsychology Research Scientist Katilyn Mascatelli, Ph.D., as she shares their responses on current usage of indoor plants, familiarity with biophilic design, and common roadblocks to implementation, as well as how these responses vary by type of building. 

Level: Intermediate           Type: Research

Katilyn Mascatelli 

Phipps Conservatory
Katilyn Mascatelli is the ecopsychology research scientist at Phipps, where she studies people's attitudes about carbon-saving actions. She received her Ph.D. in social psychology from Carnegie Mellon University, where she studied how gender and race stereotypes impact employment outcomes in addition to the social factors influencing adjustment to type 2 diabetes. Her current research uses qualitative and quantitative approaches to investigate people's emotional reactions and general responses to information about high-effort, high-impact individual actions to reduce one's carbon footprint.

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