CrossOver (Harsco Minerals)

The CrossOver product line meets growing demand for high-quality plant-available silicon fertilizers in agriculture, turf and horticulture markets. CrossOver’s patented formulation of plant-available silicon, calcium and magnesium provides a comprehensive approach to soil and plant health. Silicon that is readily available to crops, turf and plants is vital to boost plants’ ability to withstand outside pressure and disease.

While many products lay claim to silicon’s benefits, plants can only absorb silicon as monosilicic acid (H4SiO4), the form that CrossOver’s proprietary formula offers. CrossOver guarantees one of the highest – if not the highest – levels of plant-available silicon in soil-applied products, with silicon that is readily available to crops, turf and plants.

Address:   359 North Pike Rd Sarver, PA 16055
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Phone:  724-353-0055   FAX:  724-352-0078


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