July 11 - 14, 2020
           Columbus, Ohio USA

                  by Lawn & Garden Marketing Association

LED Flood Lights
APACK develop and manufacture LED horticulture light for vegetable, fruit, and flower. From 22W LED tube to 600W high power LED bay light, APACK horticulture light fixtures provide high energy efficacy lighting system for your greenhouse and indoor vertical farm. With APACK LED, 47% leafy vegetable growth improvement was proven compared to fluorescent lamp system. More harvest is guaranteed with faster growth rate, and LED light can be designed to have more flexible and optimized control for different facility environment. With LED lighting technology, only 50% of energy is required compared to conventional HPS (High Pressure Sodium) lamps, provide vertical farm stacking installation of leafy vegetable for over 50,000 hours lifetime, and most importantly provide highest efficacy of ┬Ámol/J of up to 2.5 for strongest photosynthesis rate with horticulture specialized wavelength control. --LED Horticulture Light Product-- 1) H600T: 600W, 5000K, 1kW HPS Bay Lamp Replacement 2) H320T: 320W, 5000K, 600W HPS Bay Lamp Replacement 3) H22P: 22W, 5000K, 50W Fluorescent Tube Replacement - Vertical Smart Farm

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